2020 Annual Raffle Winners

1st Place - $504 - Zachary H. Niemann

2nd Place - $250 - James Donaldson

3rd Place - $100 - CSM (R) Oliver R. Hoggard


Seller 1st Place - $50 - Zachary H. Niemann

Seller 2nd Place - $25 - Rayse Donaldson


2020 Annual Raffle Winners were drawn during 504 PIR Association Raffle Chairman's Zoom meeting with the President on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.


MSG (R) Roger K. Hattersley

May 7th, 2020


We wanted to let you all know that Association member MSG® Roger K. Hattersley passed away yesterday at home there in Cedar Crest, New Mexico.  Roger was a DSC [Distinguished Service Cross holder] with the 1st Cav in Vietnam and also serviced in the 82d 2-508/2-504/504 HQ. He also served at the ABNSOTD.   Roger was considered a VIP 24/7 by all Regimental Commanders and CSM/RSM’s.  He died at age 74 from COPD,  Agent Orange illness and problems from the two gunshot wounds he got during that battle.  Roger was also a POW for a few days until during the travel north, he escaped one night when the guards fell asleep. He then choked one and stab the other one.


His Wife Jill called yesterday to tell me of his passing.  She plans to have him buried in his home state of Indiana at a later date after the virus is over.  Ms Jill’s address is


Jill Hattersley, P.O. Box 624, Cedar Crest, N.M.  87008

Email: rkhatt@comcast.com

Phone: 505-281-7578


Roger was one of the bravest Troopers I know and I was always very proud to be able to call him one of my close friends.


RSM® Ron Rath